My Drawings

Nelson Mandela

February 2002

I was in the habit of drawing pictures when I was young. Unfortunately I never had a teacher for paintings so I couldn’t learn it at school. Most of my good paintings are not to be found now as I didn’t protect them well. So just thought of putting the remaining few pictures here. I love to draw with a pencil.

Most of my drawings are lost as I had no way of preserving them. Out if the remaining ones I love Mandela’s sketch as he was a character who inspired me when I was a schoolboy. Such people are very rare and dedicating most of one’s life for others’ benefits is not as easy as many think.

I miss drawing now. I wish I could have time to start drawing sketches again. I love cartoons too. Asterix, Superman and Tin Tin are my favorites. I couldn’t enjoy those comics as a kid because I couldn’t read English those days. Now I enjoy them like a kid.

If someone has Superman cartoons hope I could borrow them and return. I never could read Superman in English. But I read Sinhala translations done by Wijeya Newspaper Group in 80s.


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