Nanda in Beijing, China

nanda chinese twins

With two Chinese twin sisters inside the Forbidden City, Beijing. Only twins can understand the word “sister” or “brother” in China with its ‘one child policy.’

Thanks to LAcNet, I*EARN (International Education and Resource Network), and Mr. Donald Gaminitillake and Mrs. Bhadra Gaminitillake, I had a rare opportunity to visit China. I was so excited since I had not seen even an airport when I heard that I had been selected to represent Sri Lanka at the 7th I*EARN international conference in Beijing in July 2000. I thought a little before departure about how my life had changed during a short period of time.

Tour to Beijing was an exciting experience for me. Ever since I came to the Katunaike International Airport in Sri Lanka I was so excited and inquisitive about flying by air. Since I’m from a very rural area in Sri Lanka it took me around 12 years to see the nearest town, Anuradhapura and almost 18 years to see Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. So flying high was a dream, which I never thought would come true.

I will add my experiences in China here one by one.


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