Wanni in Beijing – At the Great Wall

With a little Chinese girl

Friday, July 14, 2000

A great day. I climbed the Great Wall. One of the Seven Wonders of the World!!!!!!!

Met this cute Chinese girl on the Great Wall. Got a picture of her to show my Horizon kids. I like Chinese smiles very much. One similarity between Chinese girls and Sri Lankan village girls is their extreme shyness.

Though most people here were amazed to see a man-made structure like the Great Wall, it’s nothing new to us. Because in Sri Lanka we have big ancient structures. When you go to Anuradhapura or Polonnaruwa you can see such structures. Unfortunately, our relevant authorities are so inefficient and they don’t know how to give publicity about our heritage to the world. We have so much to show the world but many of the people I meet here don’t even know a country called Sri Lanka exists on Earth. What a pity? If we give the necessary publicity to the beautiful places and 2,500 years old historical ruins to the rest of the world, Sri Lanka can earn huge wealth by the tourism industry.

Had lunch at Chinese Friendship Hotel. Saw the Ming tombs and a jade factory in the evening.


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