Nanda in Beijing, China – Digitally Handicapped in Beijing

Thursday, July 13, 2000


Nanda in Beijing1

Had a walk with my Nepali roommate, Bishnu. Whenever I walk outside, Chinese girls laugh either with me or at me. (A little of both, I suppose.)

Saw a Chinese opera in the evening. It reminded me of Prof. Sarachchandra’s “Maname” and “Sinhabahu.” The Chinese opera team displayed English subtitles of the opera on a digital screen. After listening to the comments made by the people about the opera what came into my mind was “We have all these in our country. We don’t have a proper system to preserve them and show the world how culturally rich we are. If the people in the West can see our Naadagam, Kolam, acrobatics, etc. they will really appreciate them. We have many attractive cultural things in our villages. If I can get a digital camera I’ll be able to do a lot of things in Sri Lanka. But how digitally handicapped am I?


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