Wanni in Beijing, China – Let the Young People Work

With two young Chinese girls

Tuesday, July 11, 2000

Participated in the formal opening ceremony of the 7th I*EARN International Conference.

Dr. Chang-Lin Tien – a professor of science and IT in the USA – gave the opening address. He appealed to the Chinese authorities, “Let the young people work. Yes, you can still be the CEO of your company. But let the 20-year-olds work.” I like his speech very much. It suits Sri Lanka very well. Young peoples’ potential is underestimated and neglected in Sri Lanka. Instead, we have 50 plus year old politicians who claim they are young. Dr. Tien described how Bill Gates became a multi millionaire within a short time due to the endless experiments and untiring efforts. After his speech everybody gave him a standing ovation. He deserved it. Everybody was impressed by his speech. He was so outspoken. He criticized the Chinese authorities right in front of them. I had a chat with him after the speech.

Met Radha Blackman, a nice American lady from the USA who had an Indian goddess’ name. Indeed it’s she who introduced me to I*EARN last November when she visited Sri Lanka.

Meeting friends from all over the world was very exciting.

I bought a camera it was pretty expensive though. Walked with Bishnu.

Went to see an acrobatic show in the evening. It was unbelievable. How flexible the Chinese acrobats were. They can bend any part of their bodies. Even the small kids. Now I believe those Chinese martial arts movies we see are not just camera gimmicks.

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