Wanni in Beijing, China – Shock of My Life

Meeting the same Chinese girl next day at Forbidden City

Saturday, July 15, 2000

Went to see the Forbidden City and infamous Tiananmen Square with Paul Lucero and Gordon Moyer. Forbidden City is a huge palace complex.

Had the shock of my life. The same girl whom I met in the Great Wall yesterday is here smiling to me. I posed for another photograph with her. How lucky I was to meet the same person twice accidentally in this enormous land? Unfortunately she or her mum didn’t understand a single English word. If I can meet her again somewhere I would be the happiest in the world.This is the little butterfly I met yesterday at the Great Wall. If I can meet her again? Who knows? The world is so smaller than we imagine.

Everywhere we saw dragon statues. Then I asked our tour guide, a Chinese girl who spoke good English, why there were so many dragons. Then she told me that dragons symbolize water. Then Paul asked, “Why dragons? Why not crocodiles?” Paul has a lot of humor.

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