Nanda in Cairo, Egypt – In Switzerland, the Biggest Painting in the World


In Zurich Airport

Tuesday, November 14, 2000

We are on our way back to the Cairo International Airport. I’m talking to Bernard in ‘Arabic English.’ It’s such fun to imitate their accent.

Heading for Zurich in beautiful Switzerland by Swissair. Flying over the beautiful mountains!!! Wov! I can see the Zurich Airport. Is Switzerland a big painting? I can’t believe my eyes. Such beauty in nature!!!!! Trees are of various colors. Yellow, red, green, blue…………… What a colorful country. Freezing mist over the mountains……….. Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka is also as beautiful as this but it’s not as colorful as Switzerland. Nuwara Eliya mountains are covered with green tea plantation.

Have to say goodbye to my friend as he is flying in a different flight. But we’ll meet here when we come back from the USA.

Recounting of ballots in Florida continues. Will they be counting until the next Elections???

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