Wanni in Cairo, Egypt – Meeting the Good Old Friends


Friday, November 10, 2000

It’s freezing cold outside. Never expected a desert to be this cold. One can feel the cold piercing through one’s bones.

Despite the terrible cold I’m enjoying an early morning walk with Bernard on the Nile riverbank. When I read about River Nile and pyramids in school texts, I never thought that I could ever be able to see them with my own eyes.

Walking back to the hotel. Guess who is having a delicious Pizza! It’s Radha, The Programs Administrator of I*EARN. A warm welcome hug from her.

The opening gala, and meeting the good old friends. Mike, Barry, Farah, and ever-teasing Celia. A wonderful evening with the I*EARN community.

Watching TV in the hotel room. Recounting of ballots in Florida continues. – CNN

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