Wanni in Cairo, Egypt – Searching for Cleopatra


Sunday, November 12, 2000

There are beautiful Venus-like statues everywhere in the hotel. This is a beautiful hotel with fascinating architecture. But I’m not happy about the food here. Still I didn’t see any rice. So, I drink a number of apple juice glasses a day. Fortunately there is enough chololates in the refridgerator we have in our hotel room. But I don’t know how much they would charge for them.

After workshops, both Bernard and I walk along the streets to see the beauty of the city. I don’t see any Cleopatra-like faces here. Almost all the women have died their hair with a reddish color die. People are plump. Don’t see anyone resembles those Egyptian paintings. Unfortunately we are in the elite area of the city. Hotel Marriott is also a luxurious five-star hotel. Cannot get a realistic picture of Cairo from here. I would like to see the reality of the ancient lost world.

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