Wanni in Miami, USA – Adventures in an American Kitchen

With Witheringtons

Ms. Margaret

Ms. Margaret is my tour coordinator for my whole stay. She has organized my daily schedules in such a way that I don’t waste a single hour during my stay in Miami. I have something new everyday.

Ms. Margaret Mahoney takes well care of me throughout my stay as she is my “official” visit coordinator for the tour. She has scheduled an exciting program for me during my stay. She has found me three good houses to stay. She is an arts teacher in MCDS. Her husband Steve is also a nice, quiet guy.

at Moyers’

First few days I stayed at the Moyers in a comfortable little room enjoying the American hospitality. I wish I could stay some more days here. The warmth of my American hostesses is changing all the prejudices I had towards the Americans. I had enjoyed walking with Mr. Gordon Moyer in Beijing July 2000 so I find it easy to be with them.

at Witheringtons’

Becky is a teacher in MCDS and her husband, big built Tom is a businessman. Here I revealed to Becky that I eat rice three times a day at home and love to eat rice whenever possible. She is so caring and prepares some rice for almost every meal. And she teases me for eating such big quantities of rice. Becky loves to laugh. One morning she suggests to me that we go on a bicycle ride. I too agree and on the way I find that the air in the tires is reducing fast and in few minutes I am on flat tires. This is the funniest experience I am having while I’m in America. Riding bicycles on two flat tires in the streets of Miami!!!!

at Knights’

Jenny Knight is a teacher in MCDS and I stay the rest of my tour in her house. Husband John is a pleasant man. Two kids Alexander and Mark are little noisy though. Mark is generous to offer me his room. They tell me that they are gong to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday to a distant place and I have to cook my own food. Dinners are being hosted by other teachers. Since I don’t want to disappoint them, I tell them that I know how to cook, but the reality is that I cannot even prepare a cup of tea. We Sri Lankans think that cooking is women’s work and we hardly go to the kitchen. Even when I tried to scrape some coconuts at my childhood days my sisters and mother opposed and they said it’s a disgrace for boys to help cooking. Now I’m going to pay for it.

Adventures in an American Kitchen

Cooking by myself with unknown kitchen utensils in an American kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see stars!!!!! But this is a challenge. Either I have to learn cooking or go hungry. I’m learning to cook in an incredible speed wasting a considerable amount of foodstuff though. First time the curry is so salty. I put some more beans to it. Then it’s too hot with spices, again I put some water………….. After a few hours’ struggle, I make a curry with rice. You should have tasted the curry I cooked. It’s so hot yet tasty. But I know that I can never cook the same curry again, as I have forgotten the recipe. I e-mailed my “adventures in the American kitchen” to Ms. Bhadra in Sri Lanka and she suggests I should start a Sri Lankan food restaurant in Miami. Can call it Wanni’s. Sounds like Bally’s.

I never knew about unlimited Internet access till I came here. But I am so fortunate to stay a week in a house which has unlimited access to the Net. Seeing my obsession with the computers Mr. John, my host, gives his laptop, a 486, as a gift. I am so thrilled and getting the maximum benefit of the Net till dawn. I am learning the features of the Internet such as e-groups, chat rooms. It’s exciting. What a fun to work with high-speed unlimited Internet connections. Back in Sri Lanka, we have to use very low speed dial up connections, which gets disconnected frequently.

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2 thoughts on “Wanni in Miami, USA – Adventures in an American Kitchen

  1. No wonder the kids love you. You appear to be a cross between Scheherazade and Sinbad!

    Am really enjoying reading your blog. Can’t wait till the next episode!


  2. Thanks L specially for the comparisions. (I took some time to read about Scheherazade through the Net as I had frgotten the name but the story.)

    You know, it was my way of story telling while I was in Beijing mostly helped me to win the next two tours to Cairo and Miami. In fact these tales are written by in 2000. Once my last episode about the Miami trip ends I will publish few local stuff otherwise people will think that I am kind of blowing my own trumpet by publishing stories about trips abroad:-)

    I was in the habbit of interesting journal while I was young and it was this habbit that I taught the children in Mahavilachchiya to improve their English. Each student was asked to maintain a Journal in an exercise book and later they started getting A passes for English whereas they got Bs and Cs for their mother toungue.

    With the advent of technology (computers, Internet) things changed and now they are into blogging. The best blogger will win a brand new laptop next week. So, the students are keen on blogging now.


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