Wanni in Miami, USA – At Leisure, in Miami


In Miami Bay

I am so thankful to Mr. Gordon for taking me to the Miami bay and Atlantic shore with Miss Samar. It is so exciting to be in a speedboat in the middle of the sea. Though Sri Lanka is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, I could never go to the deep sea.

In Stiltsville

The next trip to Stiltsville with Yvonne and Madeline is unforgettable. The two unexpected friends are full of good humour. In Stiltsville, there are some houses built in the sea.

In Everglades

The journey to Everglades across the extensive farms is such an exciting ride with two young boys always glued to electronic digital game devices. They are never going to raise their heads from the devices till they come to the destination, it seems. Margaret’s husband Steve is a quiet sort of guy with British roots.

Searching for alligators and various kinds of birds and fish is really interesting. The vegetation here is very similar to the marshes around my village. The reed grown here is a very useful plant in my village in Sri Lanka. Village women weave mats with the same reed there.

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