Wanni in Miami, USA – In a Cuban Spanish Thanksgiving

At Dinner Outings

I enjoyed dinners hosted by some of the teachers in MCDS. I enjoy chatting with them while eating. At each dinner my eyes find the dish of rice first.

In a Cuban Spanish Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving festival is a highly celebrated festival in the USA. My friend Josh Matos invites me to go to a Cuban Spanish thanksgiving. Josh warns me that the participants will speak only in Spanish and they would speak so loud. When I go there I find it extremely noisy and I cannot understand a single word they speak.

Imagine you are in the middle of 50 odd people who speak so loud and you cannot understand a single word they speak. And that NOISE!!!!!!

I wonder whether their eardrums would be damaged. But when the time passes I’m getting used to the loud voices and start enjoying the party. Jose cares for me well and translates everything they tell me. A birthday party of an elderly gentleman also falls on the same day and I’m amazed to see a calypso band that burst into the party with the beautiful trumpet music.

This music is very similar to Sri Lankan Baila and Kapirinna music. I think some of the tunes are sung in Sinhala too. I’m enjoying the every bit of beautiful Spanish music. Everybody eats turkey eagerly. A young guy comes and whispers to me “Eat man.” To my surprise, I find boiled manioc (Tapioca) in a dish. This is a kind of yams grown in Sri Lanka. I find the dinner fantastic.


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