Wanni in Miami, USA – In a Laptop School and in a Public School

Cushman School Kids

In a Laptop School

Trip to Cushman’s School is the most valuable day in my American tour. Each child here has a laptop computer, which they can easily connect to the Net and do their lessons. Teacher gives the URLs of the needed sites and keen students find the subject stuff on the Net. Must build a computer lab in my garden so that my students can use the computers more frequently than they do now.

Miami Shores Elementary School

In a few days I understood that MCDS is a private school and why don’t I visit a public school? Ms. Yvonne makes arrangement and I get a chance to visit Miami Shores Elementary School – a public school. I’m enjoying a day in this school. Here they use Apple computers, not IBM/Windows. The students belong to various nationalities. This is real “melting pot” as they say.

I find the day here is extremely fun with the African American kids. They remind me of my Sri Lankan kids. When I said the kids in this school are innocent, my American friend Victor says, “The word innocent is not used to describe American kids.”

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