Wanni in Miami, USA – My Observations – Sex and Guns


My Observations

American Politics

When I came to Florida I was under the impression that Florida must be like a battlefield due to the ongoing recounting of ballots. When I saw those high-ranking officers in their suits talking seriously about recounting of ballots on TV, I was shocked. But how decently they are resolving the dispute. George Bush plays with his pet dogs and Al Gore plays soccer with his kids while their lawyers handle the issue, and people never care about the election. How unfortunate we are to have bloodbaths in our country whenever we have elections. People should be convinced the futility of fighting. At the first dinner we had with some teachers in MCDS, I told that there is a lot of fights when we have elections in Sri Lanka, one gentleman said, “We don’t fight. We count and recount.”

Caring for Handicapped

What I most appreciate about America is their attention to the handicapped. In every airport, shopping mall, theatre, etc. there is a wheel chair sign ensuring that each public building is handicapped accessible. Back in Sri Lanka we have thousands of handicapped due to the war but do the authorities pay enough attention to them?

Drivers’ Discipline

The drivers’ discipline on the roads is unbelievable. They are so decent and I never hear they use the horns. Even when they want to pick up a friend on the way, they never toot the horn in front of the house but get down from the vehicle and walk to the door to ring the doorbell. Who says Americans are impatient? But in Sri Lanka, the drivers use the horn of the vehicle more than they use their brains . Roads are so noisy and the drivers drive crazily on the roads so much so that each month several school students are killed by motor accidents.


I didn’t see Americans using negative phrases for anything. Americans are positive and optimistic people. They say “great,” “brilliant,” “absolutely,” “magnificent,” etc. even to minute things. This must be a reason for their fast development. Positive attitudes matter a lot in our day to day life.

Sex and Guns

Before coming to America, I was under the impression that America is all about “Sex and Guns.” That was the impression the press, TV and the movies had given me about America. But violence is almost insignificant when compared to the size of the country. I don’t know about sex though.

American Foreign Policy

After two weeks of stay in Miami I wonder up to which extent American people changed my prejudices about America. When I reached here I was fairly Anti-American. But after two weeks, America is much more different from what are shown to us in the press and movies. Americans are so warm and they have a lot of humor to share. Only their foreign policy has earned wrath to America from the rest of the world..

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