Wanni in Miami, USA


November 14-December 01, 2000

After the wonderful tour in Cairo I’m heading for New York International Airport by a Swissair flight. The journey is so long, and I can only see the endless Atlantic Ocean.

At the John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York. What a big airport, and I am in trouble again. This time it is the letter of accreditation that the US Embassy in Sri Lanka gave. To my dismay, the letter is missing. I search for it everywhere and the officer at the airport insists that I cannot be allowed to enter the USA without that letter. Finally I find it is in the envelope I had already handed over to the officer in the Arrivals desk. He apologizes for his mistake. Apologizing is something that we hardly experience when dealing with our officials in Sri Lanka.

A walk in the drizzle in the airport. It’s cold………. Bus ride to the other terminal to catch the flight to Miami, Florida.

After few hours of journey by an American Airlines flight, I’m in the Miami International Airport. Mrs. Yvonne Moyer, an arts teacher whom I met in Beijing welcomes me with a warm hug at the airport. Her husband, Mr. Gordon Moyer takes us to their home by a car. To bed and a good sleep after a long journey.

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