Wanni in Miami, USA – Goodbye Miami


Most difficult part is departing. The two weeks had made us so friendly that I feel it difficult to say good bye to Ms. Margaret and Ms. Yvonne, and of course, the sweet MCDS kids. This cartoon was done by young Santiago a student of MCDS. This is the warmest felicitation one could have. (Hope Satiago must have become a renowned cartoonist by now.)

However, here I’m heading for the airport with Margaret after an affectionate hug from Yvonne. At the airport Margaret gives me a warm hug and with tearful eyes I say goodbye to both Margaret and the USA.

From Miami to Zurich. Experiencing a terrible air pocket over the Atlantic. I made use of the free Internet access at the Zurich airport to send an e-mail to Yvonne and Margaret.

Here I meet good old friend, Bernard again. He is coming from Seattle after finishing I*EARN tour. We are once again on board a Sri Lankan Aircraft heading for Colombo with full of exciting experiences. I am most anxious to give the maximum benefits of my tours to the Horizon kids once I get back to the village. I hope we can contribute something for the second or third generation kids to have a better place than we have in Sri Lanka.

My message to the teachers and parents of Sri Lanka is,

“Give your kids a chance to express their feelings, treat them like equals, listen to them, respect them and be honest and genuine to them in a manner that they have trust and confidence to talk to you about anything and everything. Never demand respect, and punish them for the slightest mistake. Do not treat them as ‘Little Idiots.’ They have the potential than we really imagine.”

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