“A New Breed Of Bloggers” – A Post I Had Missed … … …

I don’t know how I missed this important post which had appeared in Kottu few weeks ago on young bloggers from the villages. Thanks Niro for sending me the link. Read the original post in this link http://aweekinsrilanka.blogspot.com/2007/08/new-breed-of-bloggers.html

As I requested in my earlier post, please give a helping hand by correcting the village bloggers’ English. I have already got emails from few volunteers and we need some more volunteers. Please contact me at wanni@horizonlanka.org
I am reproducing Niro’s post here but better to go to the original link and leave some comments there. We need to appreciate people like Niro and “Chiliad minds” for encouraging the often discriminated village youth’s talents.

“A New Breed Of Bloggers


Regular visitors in kottu should have noticed by now the emergence of several personal blogs from a group of children whose posts have conquered the blogosphere in the very recent days. It seems that in some level, blogging in Sri Lanka has taken a leap and a very good one at that.

Most of the above blogs seem to be owned by the children of Horizon Lanka Academy that Mr. Wanninayaka initiated (and I must say, great work sir, we need more people like you). Even though these little bloggers post about general topics such as about themselves, their villages or their schools at present, I believe this could be a plus point in the Sri Lankan blog community in the years to come.

It has been the case that blogging in Sri Lanka was restricted (not in the absolute sense, but in the sense that people didn’t choose to) to the English speaking class mainly from the urban areas or the Sri Lankans living abroad. It seems that that cycle is changing. The idea that the general public of the country, especially people living distant to the urban areas, getting involved in this aspect is encouraging.

Obviously, the posts that are written by these kids at the moment may not be of great importance to most of the established bloggers in the Sri Lankan blogosphere. But I guess if we encourage them to blog about the things that are more meaningful to all of us, if we can share and compliment their writings, that would give them the motive to go the distance. If we can retain this enthusiasm of these children to the distant future, I’m sure we’ll have made a good community of youth with huge prospects for the country. It seems that the responsibility is in the hands of the matured bloggers to show this young generation the way ahead.

So all those young bloggers out there… Welcome aboard. Good luck in your blogging and hope we can share a lot of your experiences in the times ahead.”

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