From Pune, Maharastra, India

At Chennai

5 teachers, namely Amal Thushara from Nihiluwa, Kalana Dampiya from Mahalakotuwa, Krishantha Lanasakara from Nikawewa, Kumara Ekanayake from Pitakumbura and Weerakoon Bandara from Damahana and I are in Pune, Maharashtra, India right now. We came here to attend Eighth Annual Baramati Initiatives on ICT & Development.

It rained a lot in Chennai (we were in transit in Chennai) and the local newspapers say that it is the highest rainfall in 10 years in Chennai.

Our next transit was in Bangalore. It rained here as well.

We came to Pune, Maharstra in the evening and stayed at a hotel in Pune. Pune was very dry and hot. I doubt if it had any rain during past few months. Alas! It rained cats and dogs at night and we were thrilled too see the refreshing streets.

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