From Pune to Baramati

March 22, 2008

Since leaving for Baramati was scheduled in the evening, we had time to walk in Pune. Though it didn’t bring much pleasure in walking through the streets, we did so since we didn’t have anything else to do. We saw hundreds and thousands of motor-bikers everywhere.

In the evening we left Pune by a bus to Baramati which was 100 miles away from Pune city. We had time to talk to the other participants and I was happy that all the teachers from Sri Lanka were busy in creating new partnerships with other participants. This is a good sign. If these young men can build their networks of people faster, eVillage – Sri Lanka project will be a success. Effective communication is the key to success in the globalized world.

We were passing a hilly area and the previous night’s rain hadn’t reached this part of the state. We passed farmlands on the way. The more interior you go the better the surrounding gets.

We stayed in a small hotel in Baramati. Now we are getting used to Indian politics, entertainment and cricket through newspapers we read. Newspapers are very cheap. You can buy a newspaper for 1.50-2.00 rupees. Back in Sri Lanka a newspaper costs 20-30 rupees!!!!

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