To Pune, Maharastra

New Year holidays gave me some time to put my experiences in India to paper…er… in blog. Hope you would enjoy it.

Wanni with the 5 teachers

March 22, 2008

With 5 teachers from 5 eVillages who were on their maiden tour abroad, I left Sri Lanka by a SriLankan flight. First we reached Chennai and then to Bangalore by Jet Airways and then to Pune, Maharastra by evening. We were supposed to take part in Baramati ICT Initiative 2008 in Baramati from the next day onwards. Had enough time to walk along the streets with the five teachers. Streets were dusty, dirty and smelly. Hope the Indian government take necessary actions to keep the cities clean while promoting the BPOs. Streets in Colombo, though not perfect, are much better compared to those of Indian cities. Even if you take patriotic bias away from my comment, you will still find Colombo is better.

Others were busy calling homes but I am used to the ‘good old way,’ emailing. That helps remain inside my little budget as well. Luckily, Internet access was very cheap – similar to Colombo prices – I would say.

Maharashtra was very dry as it hadn’t had any rain for a long time. But it rained heavily at night. According to the residents, the rain had come after September. Looked like we brought rains.

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