The Weather Man – Why this happens only to me?

The Weather Man poster

I am not a big fan of Nicolas cage. But he is brilliant in this move, The Weather Man. The Weather Man is a 2005 American comedy-drama film, directed by Gore Verbinski. Written by Steve Conrad, it stars Nicolas Cage, Michael Caine and Hope Davis and tells the story of a weatherman in a local TV station that goes through a bad patch of life.

Dave Spritz (Nicolas Cage) is a pretty successful weatherman at a Chicago news channel and he is popular among the viewers. But the very popularity brings him both recognition and trouble. He is loved by the public and loathed by specially the insolent youth. They throw half-eaten fast food at Dave. He doesn’t understand why.

Dave goes through a midlife crisis. His wife is separated from him and going to marry her boyfriend. Dave’s children are going astray and he tries his best to guide the children unsuccessfully. Daughter takes into smoking and the son is nearly sexually abused by his counselor. Son attacks him because he tries to perform oral sex on him. On top of all these Dave’s reputed father, Pulitzer Prize winning author Robert Spritzel has limited time to live due to lymphoma. Dave thinks negative things happen only to him. The only upside in his life is that his performance on TV as a weatherman is impressive and he is offered a job at a New York based TV channel with a higher salary and benefits.

Though the movie is pretty old (2005) you can still enjoy if you are into serious stuff. Flow in the movie is soothing and I particularly like the strange music that is played in the background. Movie ends in a positive note with Dave accepting the new job and people not throwing fast food at him anymore.

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