The Barber and the Government Servant

I usually go to the same barber. The main reason for that is he trims my eyebrows as well without forgetting in addition to the mustache. I want to eyebrows also trimmed as they grow faster and fall on my eyes and it is very uncomfortable. The other barbers do it only if I ask them to and don’t do it as good as this barber does. Not only that, he also trims the hair inside the nostrils.

My barber is a teen-looking guy but 27 years old, I knew only today. While he was cutting my hair I fell into a little chat with him as there was nobody else to hear us. I asked if he is absent on Sundays and he said he usually comes everyday and rarely gets absent if he has something very important. He gets half a day break on full moon poya days. He is going to start attending a hairdressing class from next month as he thinks he should get updated with latest fashions in the field. I felt pity for him as he has to spend on this at a time he was already paying 6,000 LKR for the monthly rent of the upstairs shop where he has the saloon. Besides he is married and has a one and a half month old daughter too. Out of pity, I asked him if he were getting a decent income. His answer was, “I get between 1000 LKR and 2000 LKR per day. On a good day, I exceed 2000 also. I’m getting a better income than a government servant does.”

One thought on “The Barber and the Government Servant

  1. This is my first visit to your blog. I enjoyed reading this post. I think government servants salary is peanuts. Even a plumber earns more than a clerk or teacher. 30,000 is good money for a young barber!


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