Keeping Mum – Mum is the Word.

Keeping-mum00.jpgKeeping Mum is a British movie that uncovers the disorganized family life of Walter Goodfellow, the vicar of a small village (Little Wallop) of 57 people in rural England. Walter, an unsuccessful preacher tries to better his sermons while his family goes disarray. His wife Gloria is involved in an illicit love affair with her golf instructor while Goodfellows’ nymphomaniac teenage daughter (Holly) brings an array of new boyfriends. Their son, Petey is constantly bullied by his friends and there is nobody to take care of him.

It is in this situation that Grace, the housemaid to the family, arrives in Little Wallop. Things start to change into positive as soon as she joins the Goodfellows. Walter writes better sermons, Gloria enjoys better nights with Walter, Holly takes into cooking than you-know-what and Petey’s bullies don’t bother him anymore. But everything happens with a heavy cost on human lives.

Rowan Atkinson (Walter) is seen in a different sort of character in the movie yet it is still humorous but not in the lines of familiar Mr. Bean. Maggie Smith (Grace) is the center of the movie and she does her part perfectly well. The way that Walter becomes a better public speaker can be taken as a lesson for public speakers as well.

Keeping mum1.jpgkeeping-mum2








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