Sevilla, a wonderful magazine from 1960’s

Sevilla Cover Page

Sevilla Backcover Page

I received two volumes of Sevilla magazines bound in two books when I was a schoolboy from my eldest brother. I was fascinated by the colorful magazines filled with new knowledge. Ever since I saw those copies, I am looking for more copies of the magazines and now they are not found anywhere.

The magazine is translated into Sinhala and republished by M. D. Gunasena. The publisher of the English version is now defunct Purnell & Sons of Somerset, UK. I would love to get the original English name for the magazine as well. If you know the name, please share.

The volumes I found were published in 1963. I called the publishers but they have no copies left. The two volumes I have are not in a good shape as the paper they have chosen to publish was of poor quality. The pages get torn very easily. The pictures in the magazine are in full color and very attractive. Some pictures, though hand drawn, look exactly like photographs. I reproduced some of these stories and pictures to the school wallpaper those days.

Harry Houdini

Vacuum Cleaner


The magazine looks a direct translation of a Western magazine. The language the translators used is very attractive and quite similar to Kumaratunga Sinhala. They have used wonderful words for new inventions those days. Some words are තෙලදසුන for television, තෙලබණුව for telephone and රික්තක ශෝධකය for vacuum cleaner. The magazine concentrates on science, history, literature, arts, etc. fields.

I will provide few more scanned pages as different stories in my next few blog posts. If any of you have any copies left with you, please let me know. I would like to borrow them and return through a courier service. Contact me on


7 thoughts on “Sevilla, a wonderful magazine from 1960’s

  1. Wanni,
    Thanks for this post. I too had a collection of Sevilla magazines as a kid – can’t remember who gave them to me. I also found, at a secondhand book store down McCallum Road in Colombo, a whole set of English originals, which were called Finding Out.

    See more about the English originals at:


  2. Thanks for the info and links. Will try to locate some copies both in the bookshops and e-bay. I was looking for the English name of the magazine too.


    • Dear Nanda,
      When I was a school boy, my father brought these Magazines (throughout ’64 to 69 I think).Fascinated so much I was that I read & read them from front – to back -to front so that I could tell what picture would come in the next page.It was one of the most inspirational Mags I read in my childhood.The reason I think is this Mag was well ahead of that time. Other Magazine inspired me most was the National Geographics in the ’60s. Now I do not have a single copy of Sewilla left although I treasure several copies of NGs.
      If anyone have e – copies or the original English version (what is the name?) – most welcome. Thanks.


      • English name is The Finding Out. I too tried to find copies but could not find any. The publishing house does not exist any more. I liked Sevilla because of its pictures and the language style. These are hard to find now. I doubt even if the National Archives have got any.


  3. my dear Wanni,
    i just surprised to look your face and valued article in my facebook, I also very interested about SEVILLA, from my school age. I found a bundle of this magazine from our library and returned back after reading all.
    thank you very much to share it.
    How are you and what are you doing now?
    I am working as a pharmacist with the ministry of health– sultanate of oman, during past 5 years.
    very nice to contact you.
    keep in touch

    SENARATH KUMARASIRI (Student nurse perera at Asiri Hospital)


  4. Hi,
    Actually I got to your blog when I was searching for ‘Sevilla’ magazine.
    I bought 8 copies of ‘Sevilla’ magazines from Gunasena shop at galle around 1985 for Rs. 64/- (Rs 8 each) for a library managed by group of students including me where each one donating couple of books. Nearly 10 years back I tried to find any copies in the market and contacted one of the old employees at Gunasena. He remembered the magazine but mentioned that they have not got any archives.

    I have not come across any magazine which would be more attractive to a child.
    Illustrations and stories were wonderful to read.

    If any of you come across of a sinhala or english version of the magazine, please let me know where I can have a color photocopy if possible.

    Thank you,


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