The Gypsies Music – Kurumitto and The Smurf Song


The Gypsies

The Gypsies is a very creative pop band that was launched by the late Anton Perera, a confectioner from Moratuwa. The group was formed in 1969. The group became popular throughout the island with their song Kurumitto (dwarfs) which became an instant hit. They also released some other Sinhala pop songs like Dena Dena Weradi Karanawa, Umba Nandan, Lunu Dehi that became very popular among the masses and started introducing stage acts also to support the songs, that was a novelty those days. They started with LPs and by 1980s started releasing audio cassettes and that was a turning point in their fame.

Their first songs were very creative both in voices, lyrics and music and they did a lot of experiments in local music scenes. Unfortunately, especially after the cassette Ojaye, their music too started appearing like the rest of the bands in Sri Lanka. The sweet melodies, inventive music are no more. If you take numbers like ‘Signore,’ ‘I don’t know why’ they don’t go in line with the earlier successful songs. Maybe Sunil Perera’s creativity also is fading due to age. Or maybe they stick to present music because it is easy to make them and they still sell.

Earlier music of Gypsies was more or less similar to that of Boney M. The drums, bass parts, keyboard music were unique. That uniqueness is no more with their present music. One cannot identify Gypsies music from that of Sun Flowers or Marians. This is a pity. We love the old creative music of Gypsies.

I am embedding the ‘Smurf Song’ sang by Father Abraham here along with its imitation, ‘Kurumitto’ by the Gypsies below. You can say this is plagiarism but I would rather say this is creativity as Gypsies version of it is very creative compared with the original.


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