94 FM – VIP Radio, a Station with a New Approach

VIP Radio Logo

VIP Radio Logo

With my new Samsung Duos phone, I can listen to FM radio. I think there are 30 odd FM channels now. But it is very difficult to find one that is not a nuisance to the ear. While checking various channels, one day I unintentionally tuned to a Sinhala FM station and found it to be cool. The announcers didn’t chatter. There were no advertisements except for Vendol advertisements which was not a nuisance at all. The songs were cool. They played original songs. Not the songs taken from remix albums or live musical shows. My favorite item was the one that they play a Hindi movie song and follow it by the Sinhala song sung to the same tune. This is repeated hourly.

Once I searched for more info about VIP Radio, I found that the station is owned by Vendol Lanka Co. Ltd. and its Chairman Dr. Lelwala G. Godakanda has thought of diversifying his business by venturing into media. The channel was said to have started on January 01, 2012 and I haven’t seen any advertisement about the station anywhere yet.

The channel’s sound quality is not that good but I hope they improve it with time. They broadcast from Colombo, Matale and Deniyaya via a single frequency (94 FM) covering the whole island. They are said to be using modern technology ie, both stereo and digital technology, to make the channel clearer to the listener.

The station plays good quality songs and it is not a pain in the ear like most of the common-stream radio stations today. My sister tunes into the station and keeps the radio on from midnight to next morning uninterrupted. This is soothing to the ear specially at those nights of insomnia.

At the moment the channel plays mainly songs and they will introduce various programs in future. They might have to run advertisements too to sustain the channel and I hope they do it in a creative way than the existing channels.

Website http://www.vipradiosl.com/ Under Construction

Postal Address
Vendol Lanka Co. (Pvt) Ltd. No 102, Kandy Road, Weweldeniya.


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