The Caucasian Chalk Circle – Bertolt Brecht

The Caucasian Chalk Circle

I read the English translation of Caucasian Chalk Circle again recently. I had read the Sinhala adaptation done by Henry Jayasena, the Hunuwataye Kathawa as a schoolboy as it was in the syllabus. Then I read it again for Advanced Level English literature in English in 1998. This time I read it just for fun. I have watched Henry Jayasena’s drama on TV. Henry Jayasena was excellent as Azdak. I wish Grusha’s character was done by a younger actress.

I am yet to watch an English language version. I did not find any good version on YouTube either. My favorite character is Azdak. I do love Grusha too but Azdak has a profound role as it is not just a white character. Specially, the arguments between Azdak and Simon in the courts using idioms are beautifully written. Can someone tell me where I can buy a DVD of the English language drama?


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