Change of Lifestyle – from Anuradhapura to Colombo

I reached Colombo by bike on Sunday as I had to start work in my new workplace from Monday onwards. The place I got to stay at in Colombo is very satisfying for me. The house is owned by my friend Ranjith. House has ample space and he offered me a room and all the ‘five-star’ facilities he has got. I have here an IPTV with a host of foreign and local channels, high-speed ADSL Internet connection with Wi-Fi, a BodyTrainer exercise machine, and, above all, a washing machine to ease my work. Moreover, I get tasty meals here. I never imagined I would get all these when I left Anuradhapura.

My workplace is exciting. I have to work under a young man who is around 15 years younger to me. He is very caring (and demanding too.) Other colleagues are also young and energetic. I have to act as a young man here. This is not a place for old men.

I get a very good lunch at the workplace for a mere 100 LKR. Canteen is as clean as grandma’s kitchen. It’s in the 8th floor of the building and I ensure I climb up and down through the steps by avoiding the lift to get more exercise. (I also walk around 5km a day to get to bus and back home too.) Traveling standing in the bus gives me additional exercise but I don’t enjoy it. To forget the pain, I listen to some good music over the earphones while standing in the bus. The moment I get a seat I start reading a book. These days I am reading ‘The Facebook Effect.’ (I will write a blog post about it once I finish reading the book.)

These are the hottest days of Colombo and feel very uncomfortable while outside. But I feel happy when I see most of the roads are being renovated by the government. Colombo will be a nice city before long if the developments continue in this manner.

Abhi, my son has had a sporting event today at the Montessori but I missed it. This is the only complain about the job. I will miss the family’s important events. But to feed the family and to do something for the motherland, one has to work. That is the compromise one has to come.

5 thoughts on “Change of Lifestyle – from Anuradhapura to Colombo

  1. Wanni,
    Nice post. One thing to I would recommend you not do is going up on stairs as an excersice. This I used to do but later found out the risks to knees far outweigh the heart health benefits.


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