Khan Academy – A Virtual Academy for Online Video Tutorials

Khan Academy Logo

The Khan Academy was founded by Salman Khan (not the popular Bollywood actor fellow) in 2006. Khan is a Bangladeshi American, a graduate of Massachusetts Institution of Technology MIT and Harvard Business School. His mission is “providing a high quality education to anyone, anywhere.” The website supplies a free online collection of more than 3,200 micro lectures via video tutorials stored on YouTube teaching mathematics, history, healthcare and medicine, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, economics, cosmology, organic chemistry, American civics, art history, microeconomics and computer science.

I took few lessons on astronomy, biology and astronomy and am very satisfied about the quality of the lessons. I kind of feel envy of the young generation because of the reason that we missed such innovative way of learning during our days and if we did have these things where would we have been today? But world is like that.

Bill Gates says he himself took few lessons. (See the video below.) He is right, even adults can learn from these video tutorials if they are interested in the subjects already provided by the academy. Why not try a few? Just look for “Khan Academy” in You Tube or directly go to their website.

I am happy that one individual has done a similar thing from Sri Lanka in Sinhala. He has uploaded many video tutorials about computer science to YouTube. Visit and spread the word to the right people.

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