A Tale of Two Cities – Charles Dickens

A Tale of Two Cities

The epic novel, “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens is about a triangular love story between Lucie Mannette, Charles Danay and Sydney Carton which takes place before and during the French Revolution. Both Sydney and Charles love Lucie but at the end, Sydney sacrifices his own life to enable Charles to marry Lucie. Lucie’s father, Dr. Alexandre Mannette was imprisoned for 18 long years and released. The plot takes place between London and Paris.

The novel is segregated into three parts. “Recalled to Life” is the first part about Jarvis Lorry from Telson’s bank coming to see Miss Mannette and the subsequent release of Dr. Mannette from the prison and Lorry taking them to London. The second part, “The Golden Thread,” is about Charles Darnay being tried for alleged treason and acquittal. Darnay goes to London and marries Lucie Mannette and settles down there but a secret letter he receives brings him back to Paris that is in turmoil. The third part of the book is called “The Track of a Storm” and describes us about the cruelties of the revolution and how the innocent is being punished brutally and so on.


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