Sri Vihar Replaces Shanthi Vihar at Thummulla Junction.

Shanthi Vihar Closure

Shanti Vihar, a famous South Indian restaurant in Thummulla Junction, Colombo closed its operations in 2010 and now is reopened and runs under a separate name, the Sri Vihar. The 35 workers who served the restaurant were asked to leave immediately on the eve of New Year 2010 and the restaurant was closed suddenly. According to the Sunday Times, sources close to the owner of the premises said the tenant had been asked to quit by December 31 in line with a court order over non-payment of rent and other issues and sufficient time had been given to settle the workers. The restaurant was due to open under a new management.

New restaurant, Sri Vihar is cleaner and more spacious than the old one but does not have the old ‘feel’ as it doesn’t spread the ghee smell like the good old days as the kitchen is in the interior of the building and cannot be seen from outside. Thosai is not the same big ones we enjoyed before the 2010 closure. Besides, the prices have skyrocketed. Yesterday evening I had a plain thosai and an ulundu wade but the price was a staggering 112 LKR. The waiter was not friendly or professional. He served with a conceited mind and I didn’t leave any tip as I was kept for a long time at the table and not welcomed by the waiter. He never wore a smile for the few customers who were there.

The new management has failed to understand why old Shanti Vihar was popular. Sacking the old staff is a big mistake. Sri Vihar has ample parking space but there seems to be less crowds now. Maybe other customers got what I got and decided not to visit it anymore. I won’t.


I have been getting a quite a number of telephone calls (orders) that should go to Shr Vihar. There is a totally positive review of the restaurant in the link below. Please visit that and their telephone number is there. Do not call me for orders.

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