Why Worry – Dr. K Sri Dhammananda Thero

why worry_K. Dhammananda

I was given a copy of “Why Worry?” by my friend Ranil Dissanayake at a time I was bogged down a series of problems in both personal and professional lives. I didn’t feel like reading the book due to the stress. But I was forced to read it since I didn’t have anything else to read.

It was then I understood what a valuable book it was. It tells us how to give up unnecessary stress and gain mental equilibrium during any type of stressful period. It was the best solution I had for my problems and I could solve the problems I was in one by one and by become a totally free man.

I would advise you to listen to late Dr. K. Dhammananda’s sermons on YouTube and visit his website at http://www.ksridhammananda.com/. He usually preaches in English. His sermons are very simple and striking. Some of his sermons are being telecast over TNL TV as well.

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