A Lunch at the Cricket Club Café, Colombo

My colleagues and I were taken to the Cricket Club Café, Colombo yesterday for a corporate lunch. The place looked like an old house with little renovations. Place was not that attractive compared to the posh restaurants we have in other places. It had ample parking place though.

The café has a good collection of cricketers’ pictures and cricketing paraphernalia. Old shoes, jerseys, T-shirts, pads, gloves of the cricketers were everywhere on the walls. Cricketers’ signatures were in cricket bats that were hung on the walls. There is evidence to say both local and international cricketers frequent this place during tours. There was a big crowd of locals and foreigners when we were there. It seems like that the place is a popular hangout.

We were seated by the waiters who arranged a long table for us. Then came the menu cards. The names of food, beverage and deserts were named after cricketing greats of yesteryear. I’m not sure if they felt honored or otherwise though. Ordering took a long time and I ordered a pineapple juice (can’t remember if it was named after a cricketer.) I ordered Dickie Bird’s something for lunch. It was a chicken burger. It was of good taste. My desert was Miandad’s Mango Magic which consisted of some kind of a pie, a few pieces of mangoes and mango ice-cream.

The whole meal took us around 3 hours. There was some delay in orders to come. But the staff was friendly. Food didn’t taste any exceptional good. It was not bad either. Food was not that expensive. I would recommend the place for you to go there and have some Sobers’ something next time when you dine out.

You can see more details of the club by visiting their website http://thecricketclubcafeceylon.com/

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