Refresh Colombo – June Meet Up

I was first introduced to Refresh Colombo meet up by Udara Dharmasena in 2010. RC invited me to do a presentation on Horizon Lanka. It was a good idea for the twitter community meet in person and share knowledge.

I attended yesterday’s RC meeting at Royal College Skills Center. There were around 100 people. Majority was the Muslim boys. There was a Muslim girl too. This is encouraging. Majority was young but there were few people in the mid-40s too. Venerable Mettavihari Thero of LEARN TV and Open Source fame also attended the event. I met some of the friends whom I befriended at the first meet up and they shook hands with me but I cannot remember who was who as all of them had beards.

The topics lined up for the meeting were interesting.

How the US Government use Social media in South Asia      region – by Mr. Jonathan Henick (Director,      Press and Public Diplomacy for South and Central Asia U.S. Department of State)

Mr. Jonathan explained how sensitive the US Government to the social media and how the US Government responds to them. The subsequent Q & A session was interesting as many questioned were raised on whether the US Government “spies on” social media. Mr. Jonathan said there is no CIA behind social media and asked to feel free to express over the social media.

SSL Strip (A live demo) & Internet Safety – by Azker & Irfad

I am not a technical person but Azker and Irfad were able to teach me how the hackers can sneak into insecure websites and hack the data. They demonstrated how vulnerable Sampath Bank’s e-banking website and according to them, Commercial Bank’s website is also no better.

Simplifying User Experience – how we approached ZoomBA – by Bud & Jude

Well, this was not my cup of tea as I am not a programmer. I didn’t understand most of the presentation except for the last few screenshots. Duo did a good job.

How to run a Television Channel using Open Source      Software – by Kosala      & Ruchika
This presentation was postponed to next month due to time constraints. In      fact, my main interest was this presentation. I will be there for the next meet up also.

Overall, the idea behind RC is very progressive and we can learn a lot from the topics discussed at these events. I think most of the people attended looked geeks with their queer beard styles. Presence of young ladies is a good sign and more women should take this up more seriously.



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