Seeing Ceylon – Dr. R. L. Brohier

Seeing Ceylon

Richard Leslie Brohier was born on the 5th of October in 1892. He became a surveyor. He traveled through the jungles of Sri Lanka and brought information about the hidden and abandoned ancient reservoirs in his book “Seeing Ceylon.” He is the one who found Hummanaya (Blow Hole) in Dikwella and included it in his books on travel. Hummanaya is a big tourist attraction today. He is a person who respected the culture of Sri Lanka. In his book you can read about not only history but also the legends the present day modern man will lough at.

He was born of parents of French origin who were serving under Dutch East India Company. He is the first surveyor of then Ceylon. Some think he is Dutch which is completely wrong.

In his book he describes how he visited ancient reservoirs built by kings that were in the thick jungles. It must have been a tedious task for him. He says that he roamed the country in its entirety for a lifetime.  His work earned him an honorary doctoral degree from the University of Ceylon.

He wrote Seeing Ceylon in 1965. When you read Seeing Ceylon you feel like abandoning what you are doing and take a month’s leave and go visit the places he mentions in the book.


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