Advertisements in the 1960’s from “Rasavahini” – Part 01


It is always exciting to see how advertisements evolved through the years. Compare these advertisements in 1960’s from the then popular magazine, Rasavahini with the today’s advertisements. Very few advertisers could afford color advertisements those days. Black & white advertisements were also well designed with the available technology and the designs of the era. Some advertisements are done as comics (picture stories), the attraction of the time. In some of the advertisements, though the product is a foreign one with an English name, only the Sinhala name is given in the advertisement. But today, it is difficult to market a product if the English name is not displayed. Creativity is a relative thing. It depends on the era one is in. All the images were given to me by my friend Wasantha Samarakkody.

Look at this Austin Countryman car.

Austin Countryman Car

Bata advertisement in color.


A Bush radio from Walker’s Sons Ltd.

Bush Radio

Cardinal Polish

Cardinal Polish

Cow & Gate milk products

Cow & Gate Milk Products

This is from Ceylon Petrolium Corperation


Good old Disprin


Dunlop Tires in the 60’s


The scent of Goya


4 thoughts on “Advertisements in the 1960’s from “Rasavahini” – Part 01

  1. Wanni,
    Thank you very much for publishing old ads for the viewing of new generation as one of your duty. I will send some other different type of advertisements later in my leisure time. I think this is very interest subject as a hobby.
    In the mean time let us try to find very old vintage type ads around in 1900’s.


  2. Mr. Wanninayake , oba laga thiyenawada Rasavahiniye 1968-1961 kaalaya thula palawu , podi pirimi lamayek inna Rasavahini cover page ekak. please ehema ekak thiyenawanam post karanawada.Sthuthiy !!!


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