The 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Saliyamala School

A dance item by Saliyamala students

I was invited by the Principal of Saliyamala School, Mahawilachchiya to attend the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the school last week. I accepted the invitation and attended the event on July 06, 2012.

Saliyamala School was the first school I taught English at. I went there in January 1997. I gained a lot of experiences in there. We learnt, we taught, we played, we fought and we were united as well. At the anniversary, I met the former colleagues both the friendly ones and the ones I fought with. I could treat them with equal warmth. There is no use in keeping the animosity any longer. We ate, we drank and we drank together during and after the event.

The morning program was dragged longer than it should have been due to disorganized lining up of events. There were students’ dances and songs but they lasted the whole day. There was a bunch of speakers too. The announcers, students themselves, announced in both Sinhala and English. Announcing was excellent. There was a video presentation of the school’s history but it lacked older images of the school, teachers and the students. All images were pretty new. But the video was kind of okay if not for the massive length of it. They should have reduced the whole event to maximum 3 hours.

The school presented each former teacher of the school a souvenir. We also collectively made a donation to the school. The school had arranged a fine lunch.

Evening was of different taste. Some of the lady teachers left us except for a few. There was a cocktail party in a school quarters. Some of the alumni also had gathered and a nice sing-song party was followed till 1am. After that we had a late dinner and slept in the school library.

It was nice to be back in the old school once again. I love Saliyamala more than I love Thakshila, the school I studied. Because Saliyamala has given me a lot of experience, exposure, endurance and determination. Long live Saliyamala!


One thought on “The 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Saliyamala School

  1. nice experience. Do you remember we played cricket matches in Central College ground when we were in DELIC course ..once you become a captain of our team..that great cricket we enjoyed we fought at last we celebrated more fun.


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