Dengue, Citizens and the Government

So, it has come to a stage that a Public Health Inspector (PHI) had to die an untimely death on the hands of a citizen while trying to eradicate the dengue mosquito menace. They say the killer is a mentally restarted but one valuable life has been lost.

I’m not sure if the government does the right thing by putting the sole responsibility of eradicating dengue on the hands of the citizens alone. Malaria was a worse epidemic but the governments of the yesteryear could almost totally eradicate it from Sri Lanka by timely action taken by the governments rather than the citizens. But the present government doesn’t seem to understand this. They tell that the citizens should do it. They fine the households, offices, school principals for letting the mosquito breeding grounds be at their premises. Can we expect those people to totally remove such places from premises? The wells, water pipes, vegetable gardens, swamps, marshes can be there in those places. In such cases it is too much to expect the responsible person of such premises to take the sole responsibility.

The government should take remedial actions to eradicate dengue. Like in the case of malaria, they should go find the best chemicals to kill the dengue mosquitoes. They say BTI bacteria are capable of killing the larva of mosquitoes successfully. But this scheme got stuck somewhere due to some reasons best known to the government. I think government should look at the big picture of this while the citizens do their maximum.

A court verdict given on dengue fine on the same day

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