While I had the Dialog satellite TV connection I enjoyed NDTV channel a lot as it covered both Indian and regional issues. The newsreaders were professionals and NDTV was the “CNN of India” with its wider coverage of issues and valuable documentaries. It was better than CNN’s joint venture with IBN Live.

But with the satellite TV being disconnected with me shifting to Mahawilachchiya I missed NDTV a lot. I tried to access their website, but was disappointed about its arrangement of news and videos. For some reason most of the Indian news sites suck. Their arrangement of the first page is bit to be desired.

I read about the FirstPost news website through a post by Indi Samarajiva on a May 2011 post and ever since became an ardent fan of the site. FirstPost’s arrangement of news is excellent. It carries stories about current Indian and regional affairs and it does not ignore world trends either. Its coverage of sports is extensive. They carryout stories fill of humor about Indian politics in a professional way. I prefer FirstPost over any Indian news sites. I wish we had a Sri Lankan equivalent apart from the online newspapers.

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