Is Rahul Gandhi Fully Fit to Become the Next Prime Minister?

Rahul Gandhi

It was a dormant issue until Union Law Minister Salman Khurshid opened the can of worms. Everybody was questioning whether the Crown Prince of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, Rahul Gandhi was good enough to become the next Prime Minister of India but only Khurshid had the backbone to put the question in the open keeping aside the fears of being cornered in the party for being disloyal to Gandhis.

What Khurshid says is true. Rahul Gandhi doesn’t seem the best choice for the choice. He is rumored to be gay. He has passed the marriageable age for an Indian politician. There are no stories of him having at least a girlfriend. Gays, lesbians and neuter gender openly support him thinking he would support them back. He does speak for them.

There are questions about his education qualifications as his father had. They say both the father and the son are dropouts of overseas colleges. Wikipedia says Rahul has a BA and an MPhil but it doesn’t say if he has a MA. Many in India doubt if Rahul obtained the degrees in the right way.

His voice is not strong enough. His voice is more or less similar to Sachin Tendulkar than to his father. He is not the eloquent speaker in the parliament or outside of it. He is said to be a poor organizer too. In short, he is more similar to Ranil Wickramasinghe of ours. I fear that Rahul will lose his way in the wilderness of Indian political landscape like Ranil in Sri Lanka.

Rahul takes part in petty things like in rural protests and carrying water in his head like the rural Indian women do similar to Ranil’s beating raban on the roadside to get cheap popularity.

His younger sister, the 40-year old Priyanka Gandhi would have been a better choice to be in the driving seat of India than Rahul. She is a stronger character just like her grandma Indira Gandhi and people love her. She is an eloquent speaker and a perfect organizer. Unfortunately for India and the Congress, she is not willing to take part in Indian politics.


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