Lakbima is a good newspaper. Its Sunday edition is the best with Sundara Nihathamani de Mel as the able editor. But its web edition, right from the inception of it, sucks. First it brought a theme with “panels” – a format used in the very beginning of the websites and it continued until recently. It didn’t allow a reader to send the URL of a certain page to another reader through email as each page became the same domain by default. And the font they used was not Unicode and they took a long time to shift to Unicode.

With the introduction of Unicode they brought in a new format, again with a lot of difficulties to the reader. They changed the theme again somewhere last week and now it is a long page with senseless design. We can’t save its cartoons anymore. Anjana Indrajith’s cartoons are the best in Sinhala papers and we used to share them in Facebook but we can’t do it anymore.

Their English version is no better. They use a Joomla template I think. It is also very primitive and not pleasant at all. Why can’t business tycoon Thilanga Sumathipala hire a sensible web designer?


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