The Facebook Effect – David Kirkpatrick

The Facebook Effect

I finished reading “The Facebook Effect” by David Kirkpatrick. Kirkpatrick covers the whole story behind Facebook since Mark Zuckerberg’s university days of starting Facebook up to 2010. The story is like a fairytale as the good old angel is always with Zuckerberg. There are no troublemaking dragons at all. Zuck is extremely talented and enormously lucky as well. Everything goes right for him right from the beginning. That doesn’t mean he achieved all these due to sheer luck. He achieved all due to hard work. The interesting point here is he started this at the young age of 19 and within few years he created something the whole world was mesmerized.

Zuck had the courage to turn down multibillion offers from different parties that tried to buy Facebook. He always believed in himself and in Facebook. Facebook was worth 17.5 billion US$ as of March 2012. With the recently held IPO the net worth was increased up to more than 100 billion US$. The book reveals all the buying attempts by different parties such as Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, etc. which Zuckerberg turned down.

The book also tells us how powerful the Facebook is in empowering people in different regions of the world and how scared the governments are of Facebook. Some countries like China totally banned Facebook. But the membership worldwide grows up for the social networking website.

Facebook was translated into a large number of languages since it wanted to be localized to different regions of the world. Today, it owns the world’s biggest image gallery as it has become the number one image sharing network.

The book also describes us about the simple lifestyle of Zuckerberg and how he handles the big business affairs. It is encouraging for the youth to take Zuck as a role model.

The book also mentioned about how Sri Lanka’s LTTE used Facebook to tarnish the image of the country. But Sri Lanka can be proud of Chamath Pilapitiya, the Vice President for Growth and Internationalization at Facebook.


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