Jaywalkers Joke

Jaywalkers in Delhi, India

Few weeks ago there was a big showdown of arresting jaywalkers in Colombo and producing them before courts and imposing fines. That was a good movie and I thought within the subsequent week we won’t be able to see a single jaywalker in the streets in Colombo. Alas! The following day onwards jaywalkers were seen crossing the roads even at Borella junction where subways have been built up for the passengers, let alone other places. The police never looked at these jaywalkers. Arresting jaywalkers became a big joke from the very beginning.

I don’t understand why the police gave a big publicity about arresting jaywalkers and abandoned the scheme a day after. Was it because of a big political hand? Or was it because the police have better things to do?

Jaywalkers are a big menace to motorists in a town. They are seen all over Asia except countries like Singapore and Japan. I was very happy when the police started arresting the jaywalkers. I wanted the city to be orderly. When I walk I ensure I use a zebra crossing. I don’t see any reasons why others can’t do it. This is just a good habit to inculcate in every citizen. They shouldn’t limit this to Colombo alone. The jaywalkers should be stopped crossing roads throughout the country. This is how we impose discipline and send a strong message to the tourists who visit Sri Lanka that we are a disciplined nation. But I think the police don’t have the backbone to continue what they started.

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