The Sunday Times Web Interface

At last the Sunday Times has got a decent web interface. The ST has been my favorite English newspaper since 1995. I used to collect ST since 1995 for 4-5 years. I loved it that much. But I don’t buy it anymore as reading it on the web is easier. But I was worried that the web edition of the newspaper was never going to be attractive enough. So, I stopped reading it and instead started reading The Sunday Leader web edition after Indi started designing it. The appearance matters a lot and I can’t understand why the newspaper companies don’t think so. Most of the web editions of the local newspapers are crappy. I am happy that ST finally decided to make a difference. Now the website is more organized and nicer.

I can again start reading the Ryp Van Vinkle column – the 5th Column, the sports pages, the Plus section in ST as I used to. After being posted to a rural school in Mahawilachchiya in 1997 to teach English, ST was the only reading material I had access to. It helped me a lot.

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