Saying Goodbye to Dialog

With the Dialog team

My six month contract as a consultant to Dialog’s Nenasa TV ends today. It was an exciting experience to work with Dialog as I could work with a young and energetic team. I had a nice team who were caring and supportive.

Most of my time was spent at the Ministry of Education though I was employed at Dialog. There I had to coordinate Nenasa’s activities with Dialog and the National Institute of Education (NIE.)

Nenasa is an educational TV channel that is telecast to 1,500 public schools in Sri Lanka through satellite TV. Dialog donated 1,500 TV sets and satellite connections and has planned to increase it by another 500 early next year.

Incorporating TV to school curriculum has been quite a challenge but it is picking up slowly now. Kids can watch educational content produced by the NIE and some other government institutes over Nenasa TV. Unfortunately, channel is not accessible for households yet. Hope Dialog could open it to the masses soon.

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