I Sold My Motorbike Through ikman.lk

With my Bajaj Pulsar 200

With my Bajaj Pulsar 200

I had decided not to sell my Bajaj Pulsar 200 motorbike before I use it for 5 years. But suddenly I decided against it and sold it when it reached 3 years and 8 months. Emergence of www.ikman.lk also was a reason for selling the bike. I wanted to test the site. I uploaded a classified advertisement about the bike. Within a week there were more than 5 offers and one of the offers matched the exact price I had quoted. Had I known ikman.lk was this powerful; I could have quoted a higher price and still found a buyer.

Two of the offers came from Anuradhapura and I was more interested in selling the bike to someone from Anuradhapura as it was registered in the North Central Province. A guy from Pandulagama, Anuradhapura called me and insisted that he was really interested in the bike and asked me to bring it over to Anuradhapura from Ja-Ela. Once I took the bike to him, he did a thorough check and again he brought a mechanic to my ancestral home next day and double checked that I was not selling a bike with poor quality. I loved my bike a lot and ensured I do the services on time and maintained the bike’s quality. Its only fault was the defunct digital speedometer which came as a factory fault.

We did the sale the following day and it was heartbreaking to part with my beloved bike. It was with me all these years and had been a part of my life. Parting with it was like parting with the first girlfriend. This was my first bike.

Ikman.lk advertises heavily on TV, radio, internet and other media. I rightly guessed that there should be a bigger hand behind the site and Indi had unearthed who are behind it. We are yet to learn what the business model of the site is. At the moment it is 100% free.

Advertising on ikman.lk is very easy and simple. You can try selling your property and anything legal under the sun through ikman.


6 thoughts on “I Sold My Motorbike Through ikman.lk

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  3. That’s a cool way to sell. Thanks for sharing a online sales story like this. Its interesting and also useful to online buyers and sellers. Have you sold anything else through the Internet?

    BTW, I have read about you on the Pariganaka magazine many years ago. I’m going to follow your blog from now onwards.


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