My New Bajaj Pulsar 150 Bike

With my Bajaj Pulsar 150

With my Bajaj Pulsar 150

I sold my Bajaj Pulsar 200 through a week ago and bought a new Bajaj Pulsar 150. This is cuter, lighter and cheaper compared with Pulsar 200. This consumes less fuel and easy to handle. I haven’t ridden it faster yet as it is advised not to speed up at least till the second service is done. I don’t think it will be that comfortable when speeding up compared to Pulsar 200. Pulsar 200 was a rocket!

I bought red and black model to please my son as I thought he would prefer red. But after I brought the bike home he said he preferred all black Pulsar 200 I had before! He also is a fan of black as I am.

This costs a whopping 273,000 LKR with one year’s full insurance. Had to buy it on a lease and will have to pay even more as interest. But I cannot operate without a bike and I cannot afford a car as yet. Besides, I prefer to ride bikes as it is in the open air than inside a cubicle like in a car. Only problem is when it rains. I got caught in the rain during the past few months almost on a daily basis but got cold and fever only twice.

I bought the bike from Mahawilachchiya as my niece is the manager of a Bajaj shop and I didn’t have to go through all the difficult paper work and providing guarantors, etc. I rode the bike to Ja-Ela the next day without the number plates and only with a temporary plate with the chassis number and the engine number provided by the vendor. I was stopped by the traffic police several times and I was let go as they understood it was a new bike. But according to the law you could be fined if you ride a bike without getting it licensed. The temporary plate allows you only to take the bike from the vendor to your residence.

Bajaj’s Pulsar series (except 135 model) is the most beautiful bike model I have seen. Ever since I saw it first I am in love with the model. My next dream is to own a Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS. It is still not in the Sri Lankan market. It is sportier and more masculine.


7 thoughts on “My New Bajaj Pulsar 150 Bike

  1. You mentioned that pulsar 200NS not in SL market. But I’ve seen the bike in Colombo…How come? I think it’s in the market Mr. Search for it…


  2. Very awesome information on this great site..I really glad to know about the bikes from your site…your information is very useful for all..thanks a a lot for sharing this great information..


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