How easy is it to use Dialog easy cash?

Dialog eZ Cash Poster

Dialog eZ Cash Poster

I registered with Dialog easy cash the first time I heard of it. But I did not use it till the last month as there was no necessity. Now that I have used it once I think I should share the experience with you.

My niece sent me 1,500 LKR to my mobile to be given to her mother (my eldest sister) for an emergency. As it was already past 7 pm and most of the eZ cash shops were closed, I waited till next day to get the money through eZ cash and instead gave my sister money which I had with me.

Few days later I went to collect the money which came through eZ cash. I went to a phone shop which had the eZ cash logo in it and tried to get the money. But I found that my PIN was not matching with the PIN which was in the Dialog system. This surprised me as I put a PIN that I cannot forget. Then I asked the boy in the shop if I can get a new PIN by calling Dialog hotline. He answered in the negative and advised me to go to a Dialog Arcade and get a new PIN. So, I had to come back home as there was no Arcade close by.

But later I found that this was totally wrong information and I could easily get a new PIN by simply calling Dialog hotline. Having taken a new PIN I went to another shop with eZ cash logo and the boy there told me that I cannot take money and only send money since he doesn’t have money in the drawer. This was disappointing. I went to 4 other shops and all of them repeated the answer given by the first shop. Luckily, I was walking. Imagine the hardship if someone had to park a vehicle and walk into all 5 shops and get the negative answer!

I went to the 6th shop, the one I had the PIN problem in, and he told me that I could get money without a problem. I got 1,000 LKR and he deducted 20 rupees. That was not a big amount considering the relative ease compared to a bank that would ask for paperwork and confirming identity unless one has access to an ATM. There was no paperwork at any stage of the transaction from the registration. This was a big relief.

I think Dialog has to work on some scheme to solve the problem of eZ cash phone shops not having sufficient money with some kind of practical solution lest it would reduce the customers’ faith in the scheme.

There are a lot of plus sides with eZ cash such as sending and receiving money, buying stuff, paying Dialog bills and utility bills, etc. This works even during holidays.

Dialog eZ cash has to evolve further to bring the maximum benefits to the customer. Initiation is attractive and innovative. Hope this will branch out to more areas in transactions.

8 thoughts on “How easy is it to use Dialog easy cash?

  1. Once I faced a similar issue when I wanted get some money received through Western Union on a Saturday. Only one agent bank was open and they refused to issue cash saying its Saturday, surprisingly their cash counters were open. Then I went to many shops, some branded showrooms who are Western Union agents. They had no money for me or otherwise not ready to issue cash on Saturday..

    So I had to wait till next Monday..


  2. Here, the merchant has to pay extra amount to redeem the money. Buyer has to pay extra service charge to transfer as well as merchant used to directly transfer the surcharge to the buyer as “payment handling fee”. So, buyer has to pay the surcharge twice. So, After trying few transactions I prefer NOT to go for EZ cash as it seems not as easy to operate as well as not cost effective in most cases.



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