My New Year Resolution

My New Year resolution for this year was to start morning walks from January 1st. I am happy that I could wake up by 5.45 am without an alarm clock and could start my morning walk at 6.00 am. Of course I had to read the New Year greeting SMSes in the phone and New Year greetings on Facebook first. I do not have the habit of returning the greetings. I am too lazy to type on phone keyboard and even with the computer I cannot form a good greeting. So, I keep them unanswered.

Back to morning exercises. I was used to evening walks while I was in Anuradhapura and continued some morning walks to the bus stop from residence after coming to Homagama last May up to June but totally stopped them after coming to Ja-Ela in July. The reason was that I had to play with my son till midnight and when I go to bed I was so tired and could wake up next day only to get ready to go to the job.

But, after meeting Dr. Nimal Perera, a friend of mine from the USA at his residence last night, he thoroughly advised me to start some morning exercises. I immediately decided to start walking from today and I am glad that I could do it.

I walked for almost an hour. This was after six months. My legs didn’t resist as I had the habit last year. Only thing is I am yet to buy a good pair of shoes for walks.

Walking in Ja- Ela is not as exciting as walking in Anuradhapura where I could see the scenic beauty. Here what I see are endless vehicles and collected garbage on the roadside. I wish the roads in other parts of the country become as clean as those of Parliament area.



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