‘The Buddhist’ Radio Station


A friend of mine recommended me The Buddhist radio station. I have watched The Buddhist TV both on satellite and terrestrial TV but was fed up with repetition of programs that appear former Chief Justice. I never liked the channel and did not recommend it to anyone either. When my friend recommended me the radio station, I didn’t expect much.

But I listened to The Buddhist radio for few days since January 01st. It turned out to be a good station. It broadcasts songs that are related to Buddhism. I like them because the songs sound pretty good since they had been recorded before octopads came into the scene. Male voices of the announcers are deep while the female voices are sweet. Announcers sound intelligent and don’t chatter like in other FM stations.

As for the sermons, they have selected not-so-famous Buddhist monks most of the times. The monks who dominate the TV channels on Poya days are hardly heard on The Buddhist. Sermons sound good and on different topics. They repeat the same sermon thrice within three days. Station runs on 24/7 basis.

The Buddhist radio is broadcasted from Sambodhi Viharaya, Gregory’s Road, Colombo 7. The frequencies of the broadcast are 101.3 MHz FM (Colombo & Kandy) and 101.5 MHz FM (Down South.) They also have a webcast through http://www.thebuddhist.tv/liveradio.php. The programs are broadcast on Sinhala, Tamil and English.

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